Camp Rules

We are so excited to be a part of your adventure!

Please, let us know about your trip. There is a review form on the home page or send us an email! We love receiving feedback and photos from our clients. Our mission is to make your trip fun and relaxing.

We are fortunate to be permitted to work in Olympic National Park. In order to protect this amazing resource and continue to enjoy its use, we are committed to keeping clean camps. Below are some clean camp reminders.


  • Please keep all food items in the bear can when not in use.
  • Please do not eat in tent.
  • Please rinse/wipe food from dishes before hiking out.
  • Toiletries such as lotions, lip balm, soaps, etc. can attract critters. We recommend you store these in your bear can during the night.


  • Please dispose of trash in provided trash bag, excluding those items that have food on them. These items should be placed in the bear can.
  • We will happily pack out all the items that we packed in. Please be responsible for the items you brought and pack out your trash.

When nature calls

  • Toilet paper, latrine shovel and hand sanitizer have been provided for you.
  • Please use provided shovel to dig a latrine site 200 feet away from camp/water sources/trails. Bury all human waste.


  • What if you want extra stuff?
    We are happy to build the custom camp you need. Extra tents, sleeping pads, bear cans, and all kinds of stuff are available.
  • We will not be hiking with you.
    We will set up your camp before you get there, and text you specific directions how to find it.
  • Different areas require different permitting, we will let you know what you need.

Choose for a short or long hike on the Olympic Peninsula to a  beach camp, rainforest and river camp, or an alpine lake camp!

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What to Bring?

  • Good food & drink
  • Camera
  • A good time!
  • Warm outdoor clothes
  • Sleeping bag or rent ours

All you need to know of what to bring and what not you can find in our FAQ and Camp Rules:

FAQ & Camp Rules