Rainforest & River and Alpine Lake Camps

Some of our all-time favorite camps, quiet, beautiful and often easy to reach. Do you want to be on a big open river bar, or in the deep woods along a small creek? Experience a night under the canopy of the temperate rainforest? This is one of North America’s most complete and accessible wilderness experiences.

We can help set you up in a great spot, and you will get plenty of privacy in a walk of less than 3 miles. If you’re interested in seeing the forest, wild life, and a little solitude not too far in the back country, these camps are an incredible small adventure.

If you want some altitude, beautiful views, alpine meadows, and alpine lakes, opt for one of our longer forest hikes. More strenuous, yes, but worth every ounce of energy you exert.

Like all the hikes on the Olympic Peninsula a little scrambling, hopping over blown down trees and quick stepping through shallow streams may be involved in getting to your camp.

Choose a short hike to a river and rainforest camp or a long hike to an alpine lake camp of your choice!

Rainforest & River Camps Short hikes into our unique temperate rainforests and rivers. If you want to spend a night out IN the forest, without a lot of hiking, we will help you out. Book Now ›
Camp Rules & FAQs We are fortunate to be permitted to work in Olympic National Park. In order to protect this amazing resource and continue to enjoy its use, we are committed to keeping clean camps. Book Now ›
Alpine Lake Camps High lakes and alpine areas require advanced permitting and planning but are worth it! Book Now ›

What to Bring?

  • Good food & drink
  • Camera
  • A good time!
  • Warm outdoor clothes
  • Sleeping bag or rent ours

All you need to know of what to bring and what not you can find in our FAQ and Camp Rules:

FAQ & Camp Rules